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FDRS, LLC is an Arizona registered professional civil engineering firm.  The firm specializes in Reserve Studies, Civil Engineering Services & Pavement Evaluations (visit!  Our testimonials speak for themselves (see below).



FDRS is an Arizona family owned and operated business!  My father has over 40 years experience as a professional engineer P.E.



We ensure that you understand the report by sending frequent emails, phone calls or texts. We will gladly attend HOA meetings and we make multiple site visits when needed.  All changes to our studies are at no additional charge to the association.

We are here to produce a working study for your community!

Professional Services

Reserve Study Services

Civil Engineering Services

Civil Engineering Services



  • Inventory physical assets
  • Assess condition of physical assets
  • Determine life and replacement costs
  • Prepare financial analysis and projections
  • Studies prepared in accordance with national Reserve Study Standard
  • Full Studies with Site Visit, Study Updates with Site Visit, and Study Updates without Site Visit
  • Prepared by professional engineer (PE), Accredited Pavement Manager (APM) and Reserve Specialist (RS)

Gladly send a sample study for review with our easy to read executive summary page.

Civil Engineering Services

Civil Engineering Services

Civil Engineering Services



  • Inspection of streets
  • Inspection of site improvements
  • Inspection of drainage
  • Inspection of utilities
  • Inspection of common areas
  • Inspection of building systems (including exterior & interior)
  • Free email and telephone consultations

Gladly send a sample wall study for review!

Typical Services

Civil Engineering Services

Typical Services



  • Pavement Evaluation - Pavement evaluation is a key step to determine the type of distress of the pavement.  Determining the cause of the distress determines the potential maintenance actions.  We use our technical knowledge and experience to provide a comprehensive maintenance plan.  We have the technical knowledge and construction experience to provide specifications for the maintenance work as well as inspection of the work.  Our experience and technical knowledge also provides a solid base for determining current condition assessments and replacement costs for reserve studies. See
  • Drainage System Investigations - Flooding, erosion, pavement failures and slow draining retention systems are all potential issues of a drainage system that is not functioning properly.  Changed drainage conditions in the drainage area including offsite flows could contribute to increased flows in a  system  that was not designed for these flows.  We have the technical experience to conduct an analysis and develop solutions if needed.
  • Inspections - Inspection of site and building systems are often necessary to get to the cause of a problem.  Some inspections may require the need of a specialist to find the root cause.  FDRS has the professional resources to engage those services or identify those resources for direct contact to an association.  

Typical Services


About Us


William (Bill) A Schlimgen PE, APM, RS

William (Bill) A Schlimgen PE, APM, RS

William (Bill) A Schlimgen PE, APM, RS

William (Bill) A. Schlimgen is a registered professional civil engineer (PE) in Arizona & Colorado, Accredited Pavement Manager (APM) and Reserve Specialist (RS).  He has prepared numerous reserve and transition studies in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.  In addition, he has performed multiple inspections of new and existing facilities and managed multiple projects from entitlement through construction.  


Barbie (Schlimgen) Augsburger

William (Bill) A Schlimgen PE, APM, RS

William (Bill) A Schlimgen PE, APM, RS

Barbie Augsburger is Bill's daughter and has over 20 years experience in sales in the golf and resort industry.  She previously owned a retail franchise and co-owned a RV park in Gila Bend, AZ.  


My experience working with FD Reserve was very positive. They were very willing to listen and understand our unique circumstances.


Darwin Albrecht CMCA

General Manager


Hi Barbie – 

You guys have been great to work with and I will continue to solicit bids from your company as a preferred vendor.

Thank you!

Terri Ashworth-Nichols CAAM ®


Thank you.  The invoices are in this week’s payables so you should have the checks by the end of the week.  Everyone is very pleased with the work.

Paul Monaghan

 Vice President of Management Services 


Thank you Barbie!  It was a pleasure working with you, as well.  I may have some more Reserve Studies needing to be updated, if so I will definitely give you a holler!

Have a great day!

Karla Sanders
Community Manager


This is great...Thank you so much you two.  It has been an absolute pleasure working with your team!


Community Manager


Hi Barbie,

I want to thank FDReserve Studies for their report.  The Report was complete, concise, and timely.  Their repair and maintenance estimates were even within 3% of actual contractor estimates!  The Report provided us with an authoritative framework from which we were able to create a Reserve Model.  This Reserve Model utilized our most recent prior 10-years of actual costs and projected out 30-years.  From this model we are now able to create “What-If” scenarios to determine the perfect balance of Annual Dues, Reserve Amounts, annual maintenance expenses, and recurring repairs.

The Report not only provided industry standards from which we can rely, but they also identified a risk that was previously unknown, allowing us to take corrective action before it became a major expense.  This alone paid for their service, even though they were the least expensive firm identified from our competitive bidding.

As an added benefit, they helped us interpret the CC&Rs to ensure that we understand what was the HOA’s responsibility versus the Homeowner’s.  This nuance was elusive before their clarification, but critical for the Board’s decision making. 

I highly recommend all HOAs engage FDReserve Studies!

Regards, Don



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